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Vacant Volunteer Positions

St. Andrews Community Club Board of Directors looking to fill the following vacant positions:


Special Events Chair Position 1 year term

Community events are always fun to have at the club, but without an organizer, these events can not continue.  This position organizes the current pre-teen dances and would hopefully be able to bring a Winter Carnival back to St. Andrews Community Club.

If you are interested in keeping the pre-teen dances on at the club and could work to put together a special events committee to bring new event ideas forward to the board of directors, then this position is for you!

Learn-to-Play Leaders

If you have young children and would like another sport made available for them to play in their community, then the Learn to Play Program may be right for you!  Learn to Play is a program that introduces children to the sport of softball.


We need a few parents to come forward to resurrect this sport and bring it back to the community.  Training and equipment will be provided and this is a sport that any child can learn to play ages 5-10.


Please see the Summer Sport tab for more information.

Please contact Teresa Howell for additional information regarding any of these positions at recreation@rmofstandrews.com or 1-866-738-2264.